The Shiatsu Guy Presents… Podcast – End of Season One

This post got forgotten somehow, it’s been sitting all alone in my draft folder for quite some time, but it’s still relevant… I’ve put the podcast on hold for a while to work on other areas of my life… I’m not quite ready to start Season 2 yet but it’s getting closer… I’m building a list of names and having a few conversations too…


The Shiatsu Guy Presents... Podcast - health wellness podcast

So this episode signals the end of Season 1

It’s been a great experience running the podcast so far and I’m keen to continue, but there are some ‘life’ things that need to be attended to right now…

Please listen to the episode where I try to explain what the state of play is and why I am taking a step back… As well as looking to the future for Season 2 and beyond… I’m interested in going to the next level with the podcast but in order to do that I really need to know what you want to hear!

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There will be more to come in the future… At the very least an update on new developments and direction will come in the next few weeks to a month…

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