The Shiatsu Guy Presents… Jody Patterson – Mystic Dance, Hip Hop and Enlightenment

The Shiatsu Guy Presents podcast - Jody PatersonIn episode Twelve of the podcast, Simon your host, interviews his friend Jody Patterson, about his experiences of discovering the mystical aspects of life, to discovering his spiritual teacher and joining a spiritual community.

Jody talks about his early spiritual experiences through dance, being drawn to a path of enlightenment, and life within a post-modern spiritual community, with very traditional overtones.

Jody speaks about his time of becoming a formal student of Andrew Cohen’s Evolutionary Enlightenment and becoming celibate…

We explore some of the conflicts within the community, from the traditional basis to the the issues with hierarchy and superiority.

We also look into the mess that some Western Gurus have left in their wake… and the impending responsibility of Jody’s imminent fatherhood…

This episode is a kind of Companion episode to Marc Pell’s interview, episode 005 – and if you’re interested could be the foundation to a ‘trialogue’ between Marc, Jody and myself…

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Links for the resources we talked about in this episode:

Kosmic Fire (formerly Neosonic) performance at the Steiner Conference in Frankfurt, Germany

Straight Outta Compton






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