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the free shiatsu report - free ebook As you will find out from the Free Shiatsu Report, Shiatsu has many health benefits. It is a “holistic” way of healing and calming the mind and body. And by “holistic,” we mean it doesn’t merely work to cure the ailment of a specific body part. Shiatsu provides an overall pleasant sense of well-being experienced by the body as a whole.

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In the free Shiatsu report, you’ll learn how a highly trained Shiatsu practitioner can use their hands (thumbs, palms, fingers), and sometimes knees and elbows to optimum effect in achieving the desired healing result.

Shiatsu can heal. But as wise people say: an ounce of prevention is better than a pound of cure.

That’s why Shiatsu is perfect: you can also use it as a regular preventive maintenance therapy to protect yourself from stress-related illnesses.

Low energy, Depression, constipation, digestive problems, muscle aches, mental and emotional stress – and more can be improved and managed through regular Shiatsu sessions.

Read our free Shiatsu report and see how this special Japanese method of holistic healing can help restore your health and increase your energy levels.

At the very least, a nice trip to a good Shiatsu clinic can give you much-needed quality time to pamper yourself.


The Free Shiatsu Report covers:

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Shiatsu’s history
What is Shiatsu?

How Shiatsu works

What Shiatsu treats

Shiatsu’s benefits

When NOT to use Shiatsu

How to make the most out of your Shiatsu session

What to expect from your first Shiatsu session

Differences in Shiatsu styles

How your Shiatsu session may differ from treatment to treatment

Research into Shiatsu


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