Shiatsu for mothers

It’s tough being a Mum so try Shiatsu for all stages of motherhood – enhance your immune system, relax, take time out for yourself, and get rid of that nagging back pain – all in as little as 60 minutes!

Shiatsu for Fertility

When you’re getting ready to have a child Shiatsu can help prepare you for fertility; by encouraging the right balance of hormones, reducing stress, relaxing the mum-to-be and reducing anxiety about conceiving. Shiatsu will also help you get in the best shape of your life in order to support the baby’s future development and give the best start in life.

Shiatsu for Mums

Shiatsu in the First trimester

Having conceived it’s important to use shiatsu to support mum’s health and energy, as well as early foetal development. Job stress and life pressures can have a negative effect on the young foetus, so it’s important to utilise shiatsu at this stage to support your health by de-stressing regularly and taking some time out of your busy schedule. There are certain pressure points that it’s important to avoid during the first trimester: the top of the shoulder, above the ankle bone on the inside of the leg, and the web of the hand between the thumb and forefinger (though all of these are very useful later in pregnancy… Read on)

Shiatsu in the second trimester

Now the baby is established and starting to grow/show… so it’s time to support the growth of the baby and the changes in future-mums body. You can expect the beginning of backache, swelling feet, difficulty sleeping, and increased frequency of urination… Fun times!

So it’s really important to slow down, look after yourself and make sure it’s as easy as possible from here on out

Shiatsu in the third trimester

By now you may well have ballooned with baby and baby weight, so you need support with the extra weight you’re carrying. You’ll be feeling it in your feet, lower back and inside your pelvis. Your energy levels may well be at an all-time low, so regular shiatsu will be supporting your body as all these changes take place

Shiatsu around the Due Date

Remember those points we were avoiding in the first trimester? They’re about to come into their own! Those points encourage uterine contractions, not good when you’ve got a tiny teeny foetus holding on but great to encourage the birth! Shiatsu around the due date includes a series of points which relaxes mum and baby ready for delivery.

Shiatsu for late-term mothers

Shiatsu master Kensen Saito helped mothers as late as 43 conceive naturally using only shiatsu (having already miscarried) (p92)

Shiatsu can also be used in conjunction with IVF treatment as will have only positive interactions. supporting mum to relax, boosting the immune system, promoting the right mix of hormones to produce healthy eggs… Generally bringing balance to the system, optimum to fertility!

Postnatal Shiatsu

Support mum to recover from the ordeal of birth, recoup her energy, and adjust to the new role of being a mother (or a mother of multiple little people). Can also give mum much-needed space and emotional support post-birth, as well as help with post-natal depression and the baby blues.

Shiatsu for Mums in action

For Mums, it’s all go looking after the little ones and can contribute to back pain, low energy levels, and a feeling of overwhelm… Take the time to switch off, nurture and invest in yourself, boost your immune system, give yourself quality time, and support your sleep cycle all with a simple shiatsu treatment!

So for future mums, expecting mums, active mums… Shiatsu is a one-stop shop to make you feel like super mum again!

Treatments are available in Liverpool Street, London Bridge and Forest Hill clinics as well as in the comfort of your own home (travel may charges apply)

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