TMJ Disorder Case Study and Testimonials

RESET TMJ Release - for Jaw pain, Bruxism and discomfort - temporomandibular disorder treatment

The following is a TMJ Disorder testimonial and case study from a client of Simon’s who was experiencing extreme discomfort from her TMJ.

Read on for details and testimonial…
RESET TMJ Release - for Jaw pain, Bruxism and discomfortFF is a 25 year old female who has been suffering with TMJ for the last 10 years, her symptoms had been manageable but had gotten much worse not long before she decided to contact me.

She was experiencing clicking and grating in the temporomandibular joint along with locking of her jaw and extreme pain in her TMJ when opening her mouth beyond a comfortable 2cm.

Over the course of 6 RESET TMJ release sessions we were able to improve the opening of her mouth from 19mm (measured before first session) to just over 41mm at the end of her sixth session. More than a 100% improvement!

Her pain levels went down from a regular 7 out of 10 at its worst to zero within three sessions.

Over the course of the sessions the clicking in her jaw lessened and the grating sound disappeared altogether.  FF reported that a month after completing her 6 sessions the results had remained and even improved!

Testimonial from FF after her 5th session of RESET TMJ Release:

I am 25 years old and my TMJ started clicking when I was about 15, I saw a dentist about it at the time and she recommended some jaw exercises but said there is not much that can be done. For a number of years the clicking was not associated with any pain.

However, my jaw began occasionally locking for short periods of time so I decided to see a dentist again and was fitted with a soft mouth guard. To be perfectly honest I did not wear the mouth guard religiously and when my jaw locked I would apply heat/ice packs to the TMJ and the lock would go away.

As I believe is quite common amongst TMJD sufferers the problem would increase and decrease in severity at “random” intervals.

In December of 2015 I woke up one morning (at this stage I was sleeping in a mouth guard quite religiously) and my TMJ hurt, my jaw opening was limited and the muscles around my jaw just felt tense. So I did what I would normally do and tried applying heat/ice packs to my jaw, nothing worked.

In the past I had incidents where my jaw was locked for one week and then improved so I waited. The problem remained for four months and it was becoming unbearable. My jaw opening was at about 2cm, I could force my jaw to open fully.

However, full opening was associated with A LOT of pain and grating noises (I only ever experienced clicking before). At this point I decided to see a private dentist who looked at my CT scans and said I thankfully had no damage to the joins and the problem was definitely muscular.

He was very concerned about the severity of my symptoms and there was talk of surgery which terrified me. I was put on painkillers and antidepressants (for relaxation) and was fitted with a hard mouth guard.

At this point I already had an appointment scheduled with Simon who I found online while searching for non invasive TMJD treatments and my dentist very much encouraged me to go as he believed my TMJD was caused by stress and a massage could help me relax.

During my first meeting Simon and I had a long chat about my symptoms, he described the treatment he offers in detail, and measured my jaw opening. At no point did I feel like Simon was rushing or looking at the clock, he was very patient and seemed very knowledgable about TMJD.

The treatment itself was VERY gentle and very relaxing but I remember thinking: “there is no way this will help”, I COULD NOT HAVE BEEN MORE WRONG!

After the first treatment my pain free jaw opening increased by about 0.5cm, which may not seem like a lot, but for someone who had such a limited jaw opening as me it made a huge difference.

After three hours with Simon I could open my jaw fully without forcing it open. However, the muscle still seemed a little tight so I committed to 3 more hours.

Now, after five treatments, my jaw opens fully, and everyday constant pain around my TMJ has disappeared! I still have a click when I open my jaw, but the click is not as substantial as it was before and most importantly it’s not associated with pain!

I would strongly recommend Simon to anyone suffering from TMJD! I am not the type of person to seek alternative treatments and I was sceptical at first, but what Simon does truly works and you can pursue it along side more traditional treatments.

Simon is a very nice guy who will make you feel comfortable and relaxed, seeing him was the best decision I made regarding my TMJD, I only wish I saw him sooner!