Massage in Sydenham… And Forest Hill

massage in sydenham

massage in sydenham

If you’re a resident of Sydenham or Forest Hill in London and you’re looking for a stress relieving and relaxing massage, then you’ve found the right place!

Simon is the Shiatsu Guy and he wants to be your number 1 choice for Massage in Sydenham and Forest Hill!

Simon is a big fan of Sydenham, having lived there himself for over 5 years now.  He’s really excited about the great potential of the area; with the SEE3 pop up shops and ‘Jill’ the community centre that turned into Cherry and Ice, the new Green and Brown Cafe in Mayow Park and On The Hoof Brasserie, with the high street being re-paved and spruced up… With the potential of the Greyhound pub reopening and the ever so tantalising possibility of the Bakerloo line extension down through lower Sydenham… Can you imagine, Sydenham on the Tube! Not to mention the community garden projects, the Sydenham society, the Sydenham Arts Festival… Simon really loves this place and he’s really glad he moved here!

Now back to the massage in Sydenham that  we’re  talking about… Due to his obvious ‘Fan’ nature about Sydenham, and his desire to connect with the local community, Simon would like to extend a special offer to all residents of Sydenham, to have very well priced therapy treatments from him.

Sydenham Massage Special – On offer is: Shiatsu Massage, Craniosacral Therapy, Natural Facelift Massage, RESET TMJ Treatments, Thai Yoga Massage and even something awesome for Local Businesses… Read on…

Simon is also a fan of Forest Hill and has been exciting to see the development there in the last few years (being joint winners of the Portas Pilot scheme, we are like Brother and Sister!)  Simon and his wife are big fans and supporters of the fabulous Canvas and Cream (Simon has a clinic space there too, but we digress) This is about Sydenham!

Simon would like to offer you all specially discounted treatments in the comfort of your own homes, he will bring everything you need, short of a pillow of course, which you can usually find on your bed or sofa…

The treatments are priced like this: Usual clinic price for ‘central London locations’ starts at £75 per 60 minute treatment.  If you come to him in the Canvas and Cream healing space it is also £75 per 60 minute treatment.

But the special offer for you, because Simon wants to massage Sydenham, is only £60 for a full hour treatment! That is pretty amazing right? You can have Simon come to you at home, you only need to open the door and then lie down for an hour, for a mere £60!!

Simon is also running a loyalty scheme where you get a free massage session when you’ve had 7 sessions with him… So have 7 Shiatsu Massages and get one free! That’s better than a free cup of coffee!

‘Is he crazy?’ you may ask… Well it’s a possibility!

“But what if I’ve got noisy kids or I haven’t the space at home?” I hear you ask… Of course it may not always be appropriate for you to have a massage at home, but give him a call and he may be able to fit you into the Forest Hill clinic for the same price!

massage sydenhamEarlier we mentioned a little something for local Sydenham businesses before, and what we wanted to offer all of you wonderful local workers is:

On Site Chair Massage for you and your team. Simon will come to you with a specially designed massage chair and give you all a bunch of back, neck and shoulder massages! He’ll only charge you a low £50 per hour (it’s often over £60 for the big companies, but he’s nice like that ;o)  It’s a great way to give your team a treat, to boost their energy and enthusiasm, improve their general mood and demeanour… Not to mention increase their love for the Boss!  You might even get some extra work out of them…

On Site Chair Massage in Sydenham can be either 15, 20 or 30 minutes and Simon come out to you for a 2 hours or for a full day. Just let him know what you need!

So in an effort to bring this all together in summary:

The Shiatsu Guy and he’s offering discount massage in Sydenham, at your home or the Canvas and Cream clinic in Forest Hill, or in your Sydenham Business. he’s giving discount sessions at only £60 per hour, and is so awesome that when you’ve had 7 treatments, you get another one for free!  That’s better than a free cup of coffee!

Crystal Palace Massage Therapy - Shiatsu in Crystal Palace
The Crystal Palace was originally in Sydenham – So if you’re from Crystal Palace let me know, I will kindly extend this offer to you too

And just in case you missed out on the why… Because Simon believes that Sydenham and Forest Hill are great places to live, he wants to connect with his neighbours and community, to share the love and give something back!

And because he’s a big softie like that…

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Or you can fill out the form on the right (remember to say you’re from Sydenham or Forest Hill!) and we’ll get back in touch with you in a jiffy!

To keep the body in good health is a duty, otherwise we shall not be able to keep our mind strong and clear. ~Buddha