The Shiatsu Guy Presents… Maggie Richards, Meditation, Self-Betterment and Surrendering to the Spiritual Path

the shiatsu guy podcast - Maggie RichardsIn episode Eleven of the podcast, Simon your host, interviews Maggie Richards, a Mindfulness and Meditation teacher,  Somatic Experiencing Trauma Therapist and author of A Guide to Being a Better Being by Maggie Richards – out this year!

In this episode we explore Maggie’s path of development and the beginning of her spiritual path, her journey to becoming a Meditation and Mindfulness teacher and learning Somatic Experiencing, as well as how she discovered her Spiritual Teacher, transforming herself in the process…

Maggie talks about her experience of living a heart-centred path and how her destiny aligned to bring her to where she is professionally and spiritually in her life now.

We get a bit esoteric in this episode and discuss the human journey, why we are ‘here’ and the lessons we have to learn as human incarnations on this earth…

It all comes down to love, taking responsibility for our own development and getting out of your own way!

Have a listen to the episode and join in the conversation. Please leave a comment below about your own experiences on the path 🙂

Maggie is currently working through the publishing process with her publisher and doesn’t have a publication date as yet… In the podcast (which was recorded over a month before release) she was looking to use another book title and other publishing options… Things can change quickly 🙂

The Contents of Maggies book: A Guide to Being a Better Being

(Working title was The Girl Who Found Herself)



Chapter 1 – Meditation

Chapter 2 – Spiritual Retreats

Chapter 3 – Somatic Experiencing Trauma Resolution®

Chapter 4 – Spiritual Living

Chapter 5 – Diet

Chapter 6 – Dreams

Chapter 7 – Overcoming Negativity

Chapter 8 – Forgiveness

Chapter 9 – Losing a Loved One

Chapter 10 – Prayer

Chapter 11 – Finding and Working with a Spiritual Teacher

Chapter 12 – The Divine


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Links for the resources we talked about in this episode:

The first personal development course Maggie took – Path of Love 


Meditations by Marcus Aurelius



The Modern Seer Trilogy by Cher Chevalier  (Book 3 is not out yet)

Book 1




Book 2



Corrections/clarifications from Maggie

– Osho was a 20th century mystic

– My mystical love lesson taught by a plant (a hedge, to be precise) is in Chapter 11 (Finding and Working with a Teacher) of my book – not the first, which is Meditation.


Where you can find Maggie and her work:

@Maggie0Richards on twitter and on Instagram Personal development course with Ralf Marzen

Cher Chevalier’s website


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