Shiatsu and Thai Yoga Massage at Archanes Therapies

Archanes Therapies Crete - Shiatsu - Thai Yoga Massage - RESET TMJ Release

If you’ve spoken to anyone from Archanes you will have heard them say “Archanes has it all” (Αρχανες το έχει όλα) . And it’s true now that Archanes Therapies is here!

Having left the UK back in 2016, Simon and his wife were looking for a new place to call home… and they discovered that place in Archanes!

Archanes Therapies Crete - Shiatsu - Thai Yoga Massage - RESET TMJ Release

Now with their new clinic set up and ready to receive clients, Simon is giving Shiatsu Massage, Thai Yoga Massage and RESET TMJ Release treatments. While Ereni will be running Sound and Voice Therapy groups on certain days throughout the year.

Archanes Therapies is a way to encapsulate a new healing centre in the Village of Archanes… with London training and Greek sensibilities… The aim is to bring you a world-class healing experience but in a relaxed Cretan style…

Simon studied Shiatsu at the London College of Shiatsu (with a Greek teacher called Nikos), then later added TMJ Release and Thai Yoga Massage.

Ereni spent years teaching children, then in 2015 trained as a Sound and Voice Therapist with the British Academy of Sound Therapy (BAST). Ereni is registered with the Therapeutic Sound Association (TSA)

The stresses of London got too much for them and they decided to pack it in and head off to a warmer country… Crete!

It was Archanes that won their hearts

Archanes Therapies Crete - Shiatsu - Thai Yoga Massage - RESET TMJ ReleaseIf you’re new to Archanes you will soon discover why… With the beautiful village streets, the cafe’s and restaurants, the wonderfully restored old houses, the view of sacred Yukta mountain watching over the Platea… You can begin to relax just thinking about this small town only a few miles from bustling Heraklion and ancient Knossos.

If you’re just visiting Archanes there are a number of beautiful hotels and villas to stay in (we recommend Villa Archanes) as well as AirBnB’s within a few minutes walk of Archanes Therapies.

If you’d prefer a hotel visit for your treatment just let us know when you make contact.

Treatments at Archanes Therapies

Shiatsu Massage is a very powerful Japanese bodywork technique working with meridians and pressure points to bring your body into balance.

Thai Yoga Massage is similar to Shiatsu in some ways but has much more of a focus on stretching the body and releasing tension in the muscles. Thai Yoga Massage also uses meridians, but the Thai meridians, which are different to the Traditional Chinese Medicine meridians of Shiatsu.

RESET TMJ Release is a combination of Shiatsu and an energy healing technique similar to Reiki. RESET is a technique developed by Philip Rafferty and is a branch of Kinesiology called Kinergetics, developed specifically to address issues of the jaw and TMJ.

Shiatsu and Thai Yoga Massage treatments can be 60 or 90 minutes in length. TMJ RESET treatments are 60 minutes and we recommend a course of 3-6 sessions (if time allows).

Shiatsu, Thai Yoga Massage and RESET TMJ Release are all performed through clothing, so you’ll just need to wear some comfortable clothes such as clean gym gear (appropriate to the weather… As you know it gets quite hot in summer and a bit cold in winter – socks are a good idea even if you feel warm at the start of the session).

To book your session in advance, contact Simon on, call or send an SMS to his Greek mobile number: +30 694601 5260

Archanes Therapies is up on the hill opposite the sacred mountain of Yukta. But use this map to help you find the way…


The address for Archanes Therapies is: 4 Vasili Rota, Epano Archanes, 70100

If you would like more information about how Shiatsu, Thai Yoga Massage or TMJ RESET treatments can help you, you can either read further on this site, pop an email to Simon on or call +30 694601 5260 for a free consultation.

We also have a Facebook page for Archanes Therapies, please follow the page to stay up to date with the various therapies and sessions that we’re running there…