What you need to know about London Shiatsu Therapists

Shiatsu is one of the most sought-after therapies in modern London, so it’s important to know all you can about London Shiatsu Therapists…

Shiatsu is a popular Japanese art of restoring one’s health and vitality through a system of “finger pressure,” as evidenced by the testimonies of countless individuals, even corporate clients, Shiatsu is known to be highly effective in removing stress and restoring the body from certain internal and external imbalances. This invigorating effect is immediately felt after a single Shiatsu session. The stimulation the body receives from a Shiatsu massage has been shown to relax muscle tension, release toxins and trigger the appropriate nerve responses whose function is to aid in the body’s healing.

London Shiatsu Therapists - Shiatsu practitioners in London

London Shiatsu Therapists

London shiatsu therapists have usually undergone extensive professional training, enabling them to have a deep understanding of how to channel the body’s natural flow of energy, or “ki.” With the deft use of their fingers, palms, knees, elbows and feet, such therapists achieve the desired goal of providing relief from the general symptoms of poor health. At the very least, a shiatsu session is a pleasant, deeply relaxing way to regain mental focus and destress.

Emergency relief

Even Hollywood celebrity Marilyn Monroe benefited from the “magic” of this Japanese healing method. In 1956, spending her honeymoon in Japan with her husband Joe Dimaggio, Marilyn had to stay in a hotel for a couple of days because of the painful, debilitating symptoms of endometriosis. Fortunately, one of the founding fathers of modern shiatsu, Tokujiro Namikoshi, was in the country. He managed to make the pain vanish within minutes of performing the healing therapy.

But aside from celebrities, practically anyone can benefit from regular Shiatsu sessions. In fact, it has gained significant recognition even from the medical establishment that many doctors recommend it as a complementary therapy.

What you gain from regular Shiatsu massage

Having regular Shiatsu sessions is an excellent way to get rid of the most common modern health complaints, such as chronic pain (back, neck and shoulders), fatigue, or repetitive strain injury. Even pain from other illnesses (such as arthritis, rheumatism, or as in Marilyn Monroe’s case, endometriosis) can be alleviated by a single session.

Aside from pain management, Shiatsu treatments are also excellent in restoring vigor or energy, or in improving blood circulation. If you just want a quick way to achieve a deep level of relaxation, then try a single Shiatsu session to experience it for yourself.

Cost of a Shiatsu session

Depending on the location or suburb, the per hour rate of reputable London shiatsu therapists can vary from £45 to over £100. The reason for this is because different areas in a huge city like London have a different economic character—there are the inexpensive places, and there are the up-market clientele. The rate, however, is not an absolute indication of how good a therapist is—to make sure, and if you can, get feedback from existing and past clients.

Moreover, certain spas or clinics charge a higher rate because of the add-ons—some offer an “all-in package” that may include special aromatic oils, potpourri, exotic clays or even rocks, and any other “fancy” means of pampering.

Finding a good Shiatsu therapist

There are many London Shiatsu therapists, and their increasing number is mainly due to the high demand for their services, particularly among corporate clients. It is not difficult to find good therapists—aside from asking your friends or officemates for anyone they can refer, you can make an easy search online. Most reputable shiatsu therapists maintain well-designed websites that are not only highly informative, but also very helpful in helping a potential client decide whether or not they really need the treatment. Some websites provide a helpful FAQ page to enable you to properly prepare for your session, while others have a live chat feature through which you can chat with a qualified representative of the Shiatsu clinic.

Preparing for a Shiatsu session

Before going to your Shiatsu practitioner, especially if it’s your first time, do not drink alcohol or take a heavy meal at least two hours before the session. Keep your clothing as comfortable as possible—usually, what you wear when you’re running or jogging is best for this purpose. Most Shiatsu therapists would prefer all-cotton clothing, including socks.

It is also advisable to arrive at your appointment at least 10 minutes early so that you’ll have enough time to rest and relax before the session begins.

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