The Shiatsu Guy Presents… Robin Daly, Yes To Life, Integrative Care and The Cancer Revolution

The shiatsu guy podcast - robin daly - yes to lifeIn episode Ten of the podcast, Simon your host, interviews the founder of the cancer charity ‘Yes To Life’, Robin Daly

In this episode we explore how Robin found his way to being the director of a cancer charity that gives advice on Integrative health care. We look at some of the fundamental steps you can take to ensuring your own health should you be in the position of having cancer and facing chemo therapy. Along with other findings on improving your chances to survive cancer.

We discuss the state of the mainstream medical establishment, what is holding it back from being more effective and patient centred, as well as the developments in the field that are changing the way the industry operates.

And we also discuss a number of other brilliant resources that will get you on the right path should you be diagnosed with cancer (or to recommend to anyone in your life who receives the diagnosis)

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Links for the resources we talked about in this episode:


Hearts in Healthcare

Buurtzorg – Nursing Agency (site is in Dutch but Google will translate if for you)

Paul Davis – New Scientist lecture (paid site) – Free article in Nature


Paul Davis – Cancer from a physicist’s perspective: a new theory of cancer (1 hour 35 minutes)

The Cancer Revolution – Patricia Peat and Yes To Life



The Cancer Whisperer – Sophie Sabbage



Radical Remission – Dr Kelly Turner




Where you can find Robin, Yes To Life and The Cancer Revolution book:

Yes To Life on UK Health Radio

Yes To Life on Facebook

@RMK_Daly (on twitter)

Patricia Peat on Cancer Options

The Cancer Revolution on Facebook

@CancerRev (on twitter)


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