Pain Management Clinic

Relieve your pain and discomfort naturally in as little as 60 minutes, reduce your dependency on painkillers and avoid surgery

Have an old injury that just keeps hurting? Muscle tension causing nerve pain? Wear and tear getting you down? Pain Management Clinic London

Shiatsu massage helps you manage and release pain naturally. You can say goodbye to lingering pain and hello to a pain-free life!

What You Get from our Pain Management Clinic:

Fast, effective pain-relief for conditions that might have been plaguing you for years – no more time spent worrying and suffering

Several convenient London Pain Management Clinic locations – fit appointments in during your lunch break and get back to work quicker

Through-clothing, oil-free massage – no time spent dressing and undressing, wiping off oil or showering

Shiatsu releases muscle tension, tight joints and trapped nerves through applying a direct pressure throughout the body, leaving you feeling rejuvenated, refreshed, relaxed and pain-free.

Shiatsu uses the same pressure points and meridians as acupuncture but without the needles, instead using a firm (but not painful) pressure to stimulate and balance the natural energies of the body. Simon also practices a type of Shiatsu that uses the ‘Hirata Zones’ for releasing pain and inflammation, so you get even more benefit.

Shiatsu massage can help reduce your pain:

  • Shoulder pain, shoulder impingement, rotator cuff issues, frozen shoulder (adhesive capsulitis), arthritic shoulders, calcific tendonitis, biceps tendonitis, dislocated shoulders
  • Leg pain, knee issues, hip issues, muscle pain, adhesions and scar tissue, old injuries, tendinitis, bursitis, misalignment, plantar fasciitis, fallen arches, sprained ankles
  • Neck and back pain, lower back issues, pelvic pain, painful and dislocated ribs, scoliosis, lordosis, sciatica, twisted spine, slipped discs
  • Headaches, migraines, eye strain, facial neuralgia, Bell’s palsy, jaw issues, teeth clenching, bruxism and grinding
  • Arm and hand pain, carpal tunnel syndrome, RSI, tendinitis, tennis elbow, golfer elbow, painful thumbs
  • Premenstrual pain and cramps

Pain Management Clinics LondonThis is not an exhaustive list, if you are experiencing pain other than the symptoms listed above, please contact Simon to find out if he can help you.

Please note, certain pains should be referred to a doctor, such a chest pain or abdominal pain as this may be an indication of a more serious health problem.

If you have a suspected break or fracture then you should go to your nearest hospital for treatment. Come to see Simon when the bone has healed and he can help with the rehabilitation process.  Other parts of your body can be worked on while the fracture or break is healing,

Contact Simon today to get a free consultation and book your space in the clinic

Treatments available in 3 London Pain Management Clinics:

Physical Health Clinic, Moorgate (EC1Y)

Snowfields Wellness, London Bridge

Canvas and Cream Therapy room, Forest Hill

Home visits also available – contact us to ask about availability

To book your Pain Management treatment, contact us on

Barry H - Shiatsu TestimonialThe treatment is gentle but effective I’d not had a Shiatsu massage before meeting Simon.  The treatment is gentle but effective.  It is a clothed treatment, Simon brings a thin mattress which is laid on the floor and all you need to provide is a pillow. I have found that I have benefited from the treatments and always look forward to my next one. He has a kind and gentle manner combined with a confident air that inspires trust. I cannot recommend Simon enough, as he is professional and truly seems interested in his clients well-being…
B HoneycombeStrategic Account DirectorLondon, UK